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Tragic Accident!

So…I’d ordered some bird seed online from Buchheit yesterday, and after work, I went to pick it up. It started raining right at four, so I wasn’t happy about that, but the birds would kick my arse if I let them go without sunflower, mixed seed, and their peanut suet (plus, I needed a narrow shovel because I plan to move some of the cup plants that have popped up absolutely everywhere). As I drove over to the pickup parking spots, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be Virginia Sweetspire. I didn’t stop because it was raining, and I didn’t have time, but I was pretty sure it was sweetspire. I have a small sweetspire that hitched a ride in a weigela I bought a few years ago (which is busy dying over on the south side, so of course it’s one of the beautiful red ones), but it needed friends even if friends were kind of expensive.

I wasn’t going to buy any plants, but I had a terrible accident! I’ll save typing it all over again; this is what I sent to R and J….

Terrible accident today. I was walking across the patio when suddenly, Ravon’s door opened. Startled, I fell onto the seat, and the keys that happened to be in my hand went into the ignition, and started the car! I wanted to be sure it wasn’t malfunctioning, so I took it for a short drive…to Buchheit. I needed a breath of fresh air, so I got out and walked over to the plants. I had a cart because I was feeling a bit weak, and wouldn’t you know it, I tripped and the cart hit the shelf, knocking two of the Virginia Sweetspire that I’d seen yesterday right in! I had to go inside to tell the manager that their display was dangerous, but as I walked past the registers, the scanner somehow picked up the bar codes and rang up the two plants. Amazing–I know! At that point, it would’ve been quite rude to walk out and put them back, so I just paid for them. Tragic accident. Happy butterflies and bees, though…they love sweetspire!

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Catch-up (as usual)!

It’s spring on the Parview flower farm, so of course I’m behind on my posting, since I’ve been working so hard in the fields (read: parking my fat arse in my rocker on the patio).

I’m posting three pictures of the yellow honeysuckle out front because it’s just fucking pretty and it’s my blog, so I’ll do what I want. 😀

Just as pretty, especially in morning sunlight, Canadian Columbine. Looks like a good puff of wind would flatten it to the ground, but it’s tough as all hell.

These don’t look like much yet, but the columbine seeds I tossed out in front of the house in…February (I think) apparently did get enough cold to trigger them to germinate. They don’t look like much right now, and it didn’t help that a cat messed up the neat line I’d made when it decided that was a litter box (I’m looking at you, Fat Ass Owl Eyes), but someday, they’ll be beautiful in the morning sun as well.

Since I posted honeysuckle, I’ll post the little Hemaris diffinis whose larva fed on honeysuckle. I found him while I was clearing crap out of the south flowerbed, and it’s his birthday, so his wings are still soft and not clear yet. That’s the only reason he let me hold him!

I put him on a coneflower leaf where he’d be safe until he’s ready to fly. I love their little stripe-y faces!

Cute little bee-guy on the ledge around the house. He was helping me clear the flowerbed.

Onje, however, was no help at all. This differed from usual in no way whatsoever.

I eventually did finish clearing out enough of the weeds that stuff will grow, and seeding some annuals in the south bed. The coneflowers on the west side look like they’re big enough to bloom this year, and I didn’t see many Rudbeckia seedlings, which is the reason nothing else could grow on that side in previous years. We’ll see how it goes, but at least it’s not full of dead stems and weeds.

The first of P’s “intense blue flowers”. He never could seem to remember they were bachelors buttons. I didn’t shear them; I hope I won’t regret that, but they were just about to bloom, and they’re so pretty.

The old lady’s clematis. I remember that little string of leaves I found over on the north side of the patio. It’s no little string now, and it loves that southwest corner!

Just butterweed. I leave it because it’s native, blooms early when bees need the help, and I’m lazy.

These will get their own page (assuming the C family has eggs this year), but…

Nest beginnings.

Making progress!

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