It’s Done

Well, my part is done, assuming that Stinky and Mini Stinky don’t think it’s a good spot to dig for worms, and that the neighbourhood cats don’t bypass my efforts to deter them from using it as a litter box. Now, it’s up to the sun, the rain, the soil, and the seeds.

Doesn’t look too bad, if I say so myself, and (elements willing) will look even better once the plants grow…assuming they do! Cardinal climber on either side of the arch, and behind the fence, zinnia (Carousel and Cut and Come Again), scarlet pumpernickel, tropical milkweed, clasping coneflower, and gaillardia.

I laid Bird Block over the beds to help deter cats. We’ll see how that goes.

My assistant was as much help as usual. I’m trying to scoop, he’s actually inside the bag, rolling around.

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