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It’s Done

Well, my part is done, assuming that Stinky and Mini Stinky don’t think it’s a good spot to dig for worms, and that the neighbourhood cats don’t bypass my efforts to deter them from using it as a litter box. Now, it’s up to the sun, the rain, the soil, and the seeds.

Doesn’t look too bad, if I say so myself, and (elements willing) will look even better once the plants grow…assuming they do! Cardinal climber on either side of the arch, and behind the fence, zinnia (Carousel and Cut and Come Again), scarlet pumpernickel, tropical milkweed, clasping coneflower, and gaillardia.

I laid Bird Block over the beds to help deter cats. We’ll see how that goes.

My assistant was as much help as usual. I’m trying to scoop, he’s actually inside the bag, rolling around.

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I’m too old for this shit

Not finished because I had to mow the stupid lawn, but I got the edging installed (I’ll give it three stars) and hauled over the six bags of topsoil that I just bought, plus a bag I found that has been over by the garage for probably two years. My upper back and shoulders know I did it, too, because the bags are 40lb damp weight, and they were all wet! Didn’t take long for the sun to dry out the top layer, though.


I also leveled the arch a bit better; it’s closer to the ground than I really like, but I’m going to be growing cardinal climber on it, which (I’d expect) will utterly engulf it, and make for a lot more wind resistance, and I do NOT want this thing to blow over because it’d be an epic fucking nightmare to put back up once plants are growing on it.

Today, assuming it doesn’t rain, I hope to get the bags of garden soil and Black Kow over there, and at least get them mixed in, if not get the seeds planted. I just ordered the cheap wire fencing for the inside so my zinnias won’t fall over and make it an even bigger PITA to mow. It’s already a PITA, but it looks so nice that it’s worth it, and makes it much easier to transition between the height I mow the front yard to look nice, and the fact that I half-ass the back yard on the highest setting the mower will go. 😀 Anyway, we’ll see how much my back and shoulders are willing to do if the weather co-operates!

This entry was posted on 2020-04-19.

Arch Update

So I’ve been lazy as far as actually posting anything, but progress has been made on the Memorial Arch Project. Not a lot of progress because it’s been cold and shitty so much of the time, but progress!

April 6th, the weather was fit to get the arch and panels in place. The lawn needed mowing, but whatever. I didn’t have a 4′ level, so it’s far from perfect, but there’s only one spot I need to fix, and I made sure it didn’t show in this photo. 😀

Does in this one, so don’t look too carefully.

Last weekend, my accomplishments were relatively few, but I did manage to get the grass ripped out, which I had not looked forward to doing, and which was further impeded by my…”assistant”.

I persevered, though, and eventually got it done.

No picture (too lazy, didn’t care), but I found some pound-in edging on Amazon that was $13-something for 20′, and I bought three rolls. I had points, so in the end, it cost me $10-something in actual money. Good thing I took a break and ordered it, because when I checked 3h later, it was $27.99 a roll!! Anyway, I don’t love it, but at least I won’t have to dig a fucking trench for it, and hopefully, it’ll look okay.

Buchheit has online order/store pickup available now (yay!), so I have the topsoil, garden soil, and Black Kow to make the actual bed, but I’ve been working from home, and it’s been cold and shitty, so I haven’t done anything with that yet. I have to pick groceries up in about an hour, and it’s at least sunny today, so I’m hoping to make at least some progress toward it.

I remember when I started digging up this yard and was very surprised at the near-total absence of worms in the ground. That’s what happens when you use a lawn service that picks up every little grass clipping, removes every leaf, and mows too short. When you’re a lazy fucker like me, mow high and as infrequently as possible, don’t remove leaves unless they’re so thick as to prevent growth of ground cover, and leave grass clippings right where they fall, you get worms. Lots of worms. Big, fat worms.

A little random stuff…not enough to make its own post. I know I post my Canadian ginger every spring, but it’s just so pretty! I fucking love this stuff; it’s tough as nails, needs no maintenance, and is enthusiastic without being overly aggressive. I only wish it would grow in full sun, but it’s a woodland plant, so it would probably just bake to death.

Another maintenance-free plant. They go dormant in summer, so I always forget about them, and they’re down by the creek, so I wouldn’t haul water down there in the heat of summer, but there’s no need. Virginia bluebells are also damned tough…and very pretty!


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