(Early) Sprangin’

Today was warm, as in long-sleeved T-shirt even in the shade warm, so I poked about a bit outside to see what’s going on. I hadn’t been thinking much about it, but spring doesn’t care whether I think about it or not; it comes when it’s ready. Though there will be plenty of cold days to come, there’s lots going on under the piles of leaves I blow over the flowers rather than raking up!

Hyacinths beside the patio.

Mini daffodils near the hyacinths.

The case for dead leaves (AKA lazy mulch). Mini daffodils out by Grey Stick is Dead, Long Live Grey Stick. These are the same kind as the others, but were not covered by a nice layer of insulating dead leaves.

Even the big daffodils are making their way out of the ground. I’d thought they were much later than the minis because they get less sun, but apparently, I was wrong. I’m not heartbroken.

Tulips cheated, really, since they’ve looked like this for a month. These are the ones that have never bloomed for me; I forgot exactly where the other ones are, but they might be covered by 8″ of leaves. 😀

Croci that didn’t have much cover, but did have some, and are in crappy soil. Still growing, though!

In less great news, this tree (cherry, I think) has a lot of deer damage. It’s almost completely girdled, so I’m not sure it’ll survive.

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