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Miscellaneous stuff

I haven’t been taking many pictures because it’s been dry and shitty, but even dry and shitty, there’s almost always something interesting at Parview, so I have a little catching up to do.

My little Monarch caterpillars turned into little Monarch faterpillars.

I couldn’t find the other one, but this guy went only as far as the Sweet Tea honeysuckle to make his chrysalis.

The Cloudless Sulphur must have been Elvis because he has left the building.

They may be 7-plus feet tall, and right at the front of the flowerbed, but the bees appreciate the giant yellow hyssop, and I’ve actually seen MLBs at it, too. Odd that they’d figure out these sparse, tiny yellow flowers are a nectar goldmine, but apparently, they have!

My picotee morning glory finally bloomed. 2019 was not a great year to be a seed; I expected blooms a month ago. Anyway, they’re pretty, and I’ll take flowers whenever and wherever I can get them.

We finally did get some rain, and it brought me a Toadally Awesome friend. I love toads…they always look so pissed off.

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