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Hot Summer Catching Up

It’s been so hot and dry that I haven’t taken many photos, but I have found a few interesting things, and it’s raining a bitch right now, which might be enough to keep my garden from dying–today, at least–so I’m inspired.

Actually taken 07-15-19. The trumpet vine bloomed fairly well this year, all things considered (crap soil, neglect, hot and dry, not really enough sun).

I found only two Monarch cats this year; it’s sad, but I’m happy for the two that I do have. Taken 08-05-19

Might be the same guy, might be the other one, but getting bigger! 08-10-19

I actually didn’t recognize this guy because I’ve never seen one like him before, and the fact that he’d climbed milkweed to pupate didn’t help because that’s not what he eats. He’s a sulphur, and most likely a Cloudless Sulphur, of which I have plenty; in part because of the partridge pea that seeds itself. Interestingly enough, I discovered that caterpillars that feed on flowers develop the distinctive dark green stripes, but those that feed on leaves have no stripes. Pretty cool! 08-05-19

Here he is as a pupa. Looks like a very weird leaf, and I think that’s probably his intent. 08-06-19

Not a great shot because it was getting dark, but the little robber was cute, so here he is. I can’t tell what he caught; it might be a planthopper, or a fly.

Jewelweed. Most of it didn’t survive the dry heat, but the plants clever enough to place themselves in the pond are doing fine, much to the delight of the MLBs.


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