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Miscellaneous Catching Up

I’ve been kind of lazy lately, so now I get to play catch-up.

I was pulling weeds on the patio, and came across this. I thought I knew what it was because the leaves are distinctive, but just in case there was some invasive weed I didn’t know about, I checked with Flower Checker botanists. It is indeed a dogwood seedling. I’m going to try to relocate it without killing it, but I was glad to find something that wasn’t a weed!

This, however, I was less happy about, so I donned gloves, pulled it, and put it in the trash. More poison ivy, I do NOT need.

Life finds a way! Rudbeckia and catmint, growing through a pile of brush I left after the Great Bush Honeysuckle Massacre of 2019.

Baby bugs on milkweed. I think these are the baby coreids whose mama I found laying a strip of eggs, but they’re so small that I suppose they could be Large Milkweed Bug. More likely coreids, though; milkweed bugs tend to lay their eggs near blooms so the kids will have ready access to the seed pods.

Bees, please! On Monarda fistulosa, wild type.

On Oswego Tea.

On catmint.

Looks a little ratty, but the first bloom on Grey Stick is always welcome.

Partridge pea that I seeded once, two or three years ago. The gift that keeps on giving.

I didn’t bother hauling the hanging pots in, and although most are filled with assorted weeds, one grew a ‘toonya.

Elderberries, soon to be ripe, though I doubt I’ll see any ripe with the Catbirb Guard on patrol!

Little sassafrass seedling in the Honeysuckle Horseshoe. I’m not sure I can move this without killing it, but I’m going to try!

Blurry, but she was not interested in staying still. Potter wasp, inspecting the screw hole in my rocking chair on the patio. There’s another one, using C’s mason bee house, or at least one or two holes in it.

Not a great shot, but this little guy was Born on the Fourth of July, and I watched him on the patio, finishing up the inflation of his wings. He kept coming over to land by my foot, so I took the picture from a distance because I didn’t want to scare him. He was so pretty and fresh.

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