Charlotte’s Surprise

On a few occasions, I’ve noticed big flat spots in the south flowerbed. Too big for Onje, even if he does like to flatten my flowers to sleep in their shade, so I assumed it must be Stinky or someone, hunting for beetle grubs. I believe I have solved the mystery. I went over to photograph what did, in fact, turn out to be grey-headed coneflower from the seeds I’d thought were no good, and I would have photographed the fawn if I’d seen him before I was two feet away and he ran. This is where Charlotte had hidden him, and it’s really not a bad spot because I’m rarely over there except to mow the lawn or tend the MLB feeders, as evidenced by the grass growing amongst the actual flowers. The flowers are all “thrive on neglect”, which is good because that’s exactly what they get.

Apparently, our household is not noisy enough to constitute potential danger because the only way she could have got him closer would’ve been to open a window and pass him inside. This is where today’s flat spot was; the others were just a few feet away (the flowerbed is big, but not that big).

Finally, the grey-headed coneflowers I’d actually gone out there to photograph.

So…now we don’t even own our own property; the local fauna own it. I’ll have to stay away from that side of the house until Baby is old enough to go with his mother. He can run just fine, but she’s still hiding him because he doesn’t have the stamina to keep up with her all day.

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