A few pretty things (and a baby stinker)

It’s been raining so much that I’ve hardly gone outside, and half of my flowers are flat now, but…

Elderberry floof. Soon to be elderberries, though I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a ripe one, since the birds get there long before I do!

Just a view of the front part of Sarah-Flah’s Giant No-Mow Flowerbed. Bee balm, and a few Rudbeckia and coneflowers in bloom. Still, very pretty (and no mowing!) Granted, I would not have chosen to plant 6′ tall giant yellow hyssop right in the front, but I didn’t plant it…it planted itself. Bumblebees would beat me up if I removed it, so there it stays.

Oswego tea. This should bloom more frequently. Bees and MLBs agree.

Green stink bug (Chinavia halaris) eggs, and one slightly out-of-focus baby. Third instar, I think, so these eggs are not his birthplace. He had places to be; no time for paparazzi. Bonus tiny fly.

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