Flowers and Roxy’s Little Adventure

Just some pretty things, and a turtle who’s not necessarily pretty by conventional standards, but is certainly beloved.

The last remaining Canadian Columbine. I really need to get those seedlings and that one plant removed from the patio cracks to somewhere they can grow better.

Gloriosa daisy, just because!

Pink hollyhock. I think this is the only one left along the fence line. Honeysuckle throws a lot of shade, but that’s okay because it’s the plant I really want there most.

Water lily in the pond.

Oswego tea, balm of bees…and butterflies…and hummingbirds. I love this stuff!

A couple of years ago, I threw a bunch of grey-headed coneflower seeds into the south flowerbed, and got…nothing. I forgot about it, but this year, I think I have grey-headed coneflowers! Not sure until they bloom, but that’s what they look like.

Elderberry doing nicely, well-guarded by an army of catbirds. The aren’t going to miss a single berry because they sit there and watch for the fruit to ripen!

Roxy’s been hanging out in the back yard lately, but I was sitting in my rocking chair on the patio when I heard crunch-crackle-crunch. I looked to see if it was one of the cats, or a raccoon, but saw nothing. I heard it again, and this time I could hear the location. Roxy was off on a little adventure, headed for the front yard. I guess the slugs and snails taste better.

I laughed and ignored her (just as she likes it!) then went inside. P was outside, and sent me this picture with the text, “Ran into a roadblock. She might think it’s a relative.” I LMFAO; it’s the plug for the Insignia speaker on the patio.

The next day, I was walking around the back yard, and apparently, Roxy decided her front yard adventure was over, and headed off to the back yard again. God, I love that turtle; she’s just so…Roxy. She kind of reminds me of OK, the way she so deliberately goes about her business and just wants everyone to fuck off and leave her alone.

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