DIY tank divider pictures

My ten gallon tank happened to be the right height so that I didn't even have to cut the report cover spines, just stuck them on, let the sealant cure and then slid the plastic canvas in.

Make sure the top of the divider goes up all the way to the top of the tank.

My 29 gallon is taller than the spines are long, so I just cut them into pieces. Make sure the plastic canvas comes close enough to the glass on the sides that the fish can't squeeze through.

My guys get pretty excited when the cover gets opened because they think it's time to eat and the divider is only about an inch above the water, so I clipped extra spines across the top of the dividers, then "glued" pieces of plastic canvas across the spines with aquarium sealant. I call them "jump baffles"; they prevent anyone hopping on over to see whether his neighbor is getting anything better to eat when the cover is open during feeding time. I think of them as "insurance" and they don't show either from the front or when the cover is closed, so they don't spoil the look of the tank, and if I need to remove them to access something inside the tank, I just pull the spines off and slide them back on when I'm done.